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About us

Juliet Summits work exclusively on high level B2B events ensuring the right attendees are brought together to drive business and markets.

Delivering a different approach from ‘standard’ events:

  • No tickets to sell, invitation only summits
  • 95+% at every event are service providers i.e. banks, telecoms operators – network with your peers
  • Creating tangible output through topic communities, comprehensive reports, video interviews and other useful content
  • Servicing any given industry, such as banking, technology or telecoms
  • Sharing our views to drive discussions, review pain points, share ideas and develop solutions

Stimulate your mind and share your wisdom at our highly target events



Thought leadership summits

Juliet will create a theme for the event based around a current industry topic or forward looking challenge and put together a programme of presentations, workshops, panel discussions for the summit and then invite relevant senior executives to attend. These events will normally also deliver a range of post event content and a networking community to continue the discussions beyond the summit.

Internal events & product launches

Juliet can also support internal events and product launches utilising the many years of experience amongst the team of how best to organise and maximise these kind of activities.

Side events at industry trade shows

Juliet works at many of the world’s largest trade shows such as Mobile World Congress, IBC, and TM Forum Live offering a range of services and we support a number of companies and individuals with side events.

User group meetings

We support companies’ user group meetings leveraging our logistical experience, creative input and extensive network of venue contacts globally to deliver learning experiences to the attendees.

Enabling direct contact with your peers


Our experienced team have run events in 73 countries. Juliet Media has worked on events ranging from 25 people workshops to industry trade shows with thousands of attendees, recent summits we have worked on have been in the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, The Netherlands, Italy, Russia, UAE, India and Singapore.


Mike Barrell




Nigel Yeates

Projects Director



Julia Simonova-Lopez

Digital Media Director



Kathryn Scott

Interim Event Manager


Bringing leading content together with an educated, informed audience is all aimed at promoting lots of interaction, debate and learning

Case studies

During October 2014 we organised and ran 2 Mass Customisation Summits and 1 Executive Meeting

Initial seven events in the series took place in Lake Como, London, Moscow, Amsterdam, Dubai, New York and Mexico City

A series of one day workshops in India and Canada covering digital transformation, customer experience and organisational efficiency

3 day meeting for senior executives at Audi Driving HQ in Germany, client content & social activities

A 3 day summit bringing together leading experts from around the world to accelerate the adoption of smart city standards and best practices.

Global Smart City Summit – Real Solutions for Cities is a hosted event that takes place during International Business Festival in Liverpool. The Conference will cover groundbreaking innovations that Smart Cities are implementing all over the world. 

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