Making Mass Customisation Work

MAKING MASS CUSTOMISATION WORK - Highlights from Amsterdam

About the summits

They are an innovative series of high-level events designed to bring together service providers to explore the emerging concept of Me-to-Me: Enabling customers to select exactly the services and products they want, when they want them and at a price they are willing to pay.

A series of summits

Each of these events builds on the key takeaways from the previous events, enabling participants to really advance our collective understanding.

What makes the leadership summits special?

  • Invitation-only, ensuring high-level participants
  • Highly interactive sessions geared towards fresh thinking, new ideas and brainstorming
  • An emphasis on enabling dialogue with peers: A carefully-designed agenda focused on enabling service providers to talk to each other
  • Conference sessions will be subject to Chatham House rules, allowing for frank, open discussion
  • Funded by the organisers to ensure the right people attend: All you need to contribute are your insights
  • A high-quality venue designed to make the summit both highly productive and thought provoking
  • The series will generate a high-quality report capturing the output from each of the summits

Who are the participants?

The event organisers are inviting carefully selected COOs, CCOs, CMOs, CTOs, CIOs, EVPs, Heads of Customer Experience, Heads of Digital Services and Heads of Enterprise from communications, digital and financial service providers. A small number of experts from other industries will also be invited to share their experiences.

Objectives of the Series

Bring together experts and thought leaders to enhance the industry’s understanding and implementation of customer engagement and mass customisation. Stimulate new ideas and new thinking in an area that is crucial to the future success of service providers. Identify and share best practice.

High-level questions the series will answer

  • How will communications, financial and digital service providers engage with customers in the enterprise, SMEs and consumer segments in future?
  • To what extent should customer engagement be automated?
  • To what extent are service providers customizing their offerings today and how will that change in the next three years?
  • How far have service providers got in terms of enabling customers to select their own service and price propositions?
  • To what extent can service providers use data analytics to proactively make customers exactly the right offer at exactly the right time?
  • Can service providers use data analytics to anticipate potential problems and provide customers with preventative solutions?
  • How much choice can service providers realistically give customers?
  • What impact will mass customisation have on banks, communications and digital service providers’ churn, revenues and profitability?
  • Will mass customisation open up new revenue streams for communications, financial and digital service providers?
  • How will mass customisation change the nature of the relationship between a service supplier and its customer?